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Join the Rough Rider Booster Club! 

What Boosters Do: 
The mission of the Rough Rider Booster Club is to support and advance the athletic and extracurricular activities of RHS Students.

The RHS Booster Club is an excellent way for RHS parents and supporters to connect, be informed, volunteer and financially support our students.

Last year RHS Boosters provided $85,000 to support student activities including boys and girls athletics, music, drama, dance, cheerleading, Homecoming, student and teacher recognition, freshmen orientation and more!

Perks of being a Booster: 
• Rider Pride!
• Rider Gear & Popcorn Passes
• Activity Passes 
(Non-transferrable and available only through the RHS Booster Club. Cannot be used for Presidents Bowl, district, regional, invitational or state tournaments, or O'Gorman home games.)

Level Cost Athletic Pass RHS Popcorn Pass Fan Swag RR Cling
SFSD Employee $25 0 1   1
Teddy $75 1 1 1 T-Shirt 1
Rough Rider $145 2 2 2-T-Shirts 1
CARDINAL $225 2 2 2 T-Shirts & 
$50 GC to RHS Bookstore
GOLD $350 2 2 2 T-shirts &
$75 GC to RHS Bookstore
Business $750 4 4 4 T-shirts, $100 GC to RHS Bookstore, RHS cap  1
RIDER PRIDE Business $1500     Logo on back of T-shirts  
SD Assn License Plate Sticker $25     2 RHS Logo Stickers for SD Assn (W) License Plates  

Extra Adult T-Shirt 

$10 ea  Qty__  Size(s)__ **Need to be BC member to purchase   


$20     **Activity pass for an RHS student  


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