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Once you become a member of the Rough Rider Booster Club there are numerous ways you can volunteer to help the students and athletes at Roosevelt High School and support the Booster Club.

Booster Club Activity Representative:

The Parent Representatives, along with the Booster Club Officers, form the Booster Club Board of Directors, charged with managing the affairs of the RHS Booster Club.

The Activity Representatives responsibilities include:

  •  Be a paid registered member of Booster Club
  •  Attend monthly meetings
  •  Provide activity reports and announcements from the coach or activity leader
  •  Solicit volunteers from the parent support base of each activity
  •  Promote Roosevelt High School and the Rough Rider Booster Club
  •  Be an example for exemplary school spirit and good sportsmanship

Contact your student's activity coach or director if you are interested in being a Booster Club Parent  Representative.


Booster Club Officers:

President. The President is the principal executive officer of the organization and generally supervises all of the business and affairs of the organization and presides at all monthly meetings.

President Elect.  The Vice President moves into President Elect position, serving one year before advancing to President.

Vice President. In the absence of the President the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. Vice President may perform other duties from time to time that are assigned to him/her by the President or by the Board of Directors.

Secretary. The Secretary keeps the minutes of the meetings; sees that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws or as required by law; and is the custodian of the corporate records.

Treasurer. The Treasurer has charge and custody of and is responsible for all funds and securities of the organization; and receives and gives receipts for moneys in the name of the organization.

For more information on the duties of the officers, see our By-Laws here.

Booster Club sets a new slate of officers every spring for the following school year. Please let the current officers know if you are interested in holding an executive position.

Presidents Bowl Volunteer:

The Annual Presidents Bowl Activities are held each year jointly with Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington High Schools as a major fundraising event. The funds that are raised are distributed equally among the three Sioux Falls public high schools. Due to the success of the 2020 Presidents Bowl events, and the support from the businesses in our community, we are able to present each public high school (RHS, LHS, JHS and WHS) with a check for $37,000. These totals add up to $148,000 going back into our public schools. The money raised helps fund dozens of student activities and athletic programs in our public schools.

The Annual Presidents Bowl events include the Presidents Bowl Cheer Camp and football games in early September at Howard Wood Field and the Presidents Bowl Basketball Tournament in November.

The annual Presidents Bowl is the single largest source of funding for the RHS Booster Club. Our participation in and support of the PB events is paramount to financially supporting the activities and sports at RHS.

Opportunities to volunteer for Presidents Bowl will be advertised starting in the spring of each year, through emails, Booster Club meetings, your activity heads and through the PB Committee.

Ticket Order Form
Ticket Information Memo

For more information contact the following Past Presidents Bowl Co-Chairs:
Kristi Irsfeld - or  Carrie West -